New QPC2, DISA and more

By | 2017-01-25

Every year I take the birthday of my daughter as an incentive to get stuff out of the door.

So this year I present to you:

QPC2 v4.05

This is mostly a bugfix release. It includes the latest SMSQ/E 3.28. One option was added that instead of a fixed resolution it can use the maximum resolution of the current monitor. Select “Max” as a resolution to do this.

Get it from the Downloads page.

… but there is more

The disclaimer for the following software: you may not sell the software and they come with no support whatsoever.


My old friend Jochen Hassler was over for dinner a few days ago and I asked him if I may release his software. He said yes, so here I present to you DISA, a pretty revolutionary disassembler at its time. V3.04 was the last official release done by Jochen in 1999. I adapted the source code for high colour in 2003, but this release 3.05 has never left my hard drive until today. So here they are:

DISA 3.04
DISA 3.05
DISA examples

As I got most of my software directly from the authors I usually lack the original manuals, as it is in this case. If somebody could provide that to me I can add it to the distribution.

Update: Thanks to Albin Hessler (who provided the Word document for v2) and David Westbury (who provided a scan of v3) I can now provide the latest manual here: DISA3E.pdf

ATR device

I didn’t have the time to sort through the source and binaries I have of the ATR device, but I know for example that Dilwyn has a few ROMs or binaries and those can now be used freely, too.


And finally I had a chat with another old friend of mine, Jochen Merz, and he agreed to officially release QMenu for everybody to use. So here is my latest menu_rext file:

Menu_rext 7.66

Update: apparently I’m not up to date in regards to QMenu, but 7.66 is the latest version I had the source code to. I will do a follow up when I know more about the later versions.

Was this a great birthday or what? 🙂

Have fun, Marcel

13 thoughts on “New QPC2, DISA and more

  1. Martyn Hill

    Thank you, Marcel and Happy Birthday Little-miss Kilgus!

    1. Marcel Post author

      Thanks Martyn! Fortunately she’s fast asleep now 🙂

  2. Lee Privett

    Happy Birthday to little Kilgus and many thanks for your continued input in to the QL community, and the software 🙂


  3. Lenerz


    Super das Ganze. Glaubst Du, Du könntest das QMenu Handbuch als pdf (oder so) bekommen?

    1. Marcel Post author

      Ja, ich glaub Jochen hat QMenu schon als PDF, aber da er gerade wieder unterwegs ist hab ich’s noch nicht bekommen. Und DISA hat er leider nur in Papier-Form.

  4. Norman Dunbar

    Nice one Marcel, thanks. I have a copy of Disabled from years ago, mh favourite disassembler. I’ll see if I can get you the manual.

    And birthday greetings to the young lady.


    1. Norman Dunbar

      Disabled? The spell checker is my worst nightmare. 35 plus years in IT and I still can’t touch type!



      1. Marcel Post author

        And neither can I. Learned typing at the age of 8 or so, and just perfected that technique since then, never actually learned to type “properly” 😉 Still faster than the average touch typer, though.

    2. Marcel Post author

      I got myself a copy of IDA Pro for work, that thing is magic. But on the QL DISA is one of my most used tools. Even used it to crack the DISA demo version, which was a challenge posed by Jochen 20 years ago or so 🙂

  5. Norman Dunbar

    Evening Marcel,

    I’ve emailed you a copy of the DISA 2 manual, not quite DISA 3 unfortunately, bit it’s the only one I have. Might still be useful.


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