About me

Marcel in bullet points:

  • I’m old enough to vote… at least twice (you get one more vote every 18 years, right?)
  • Married… with child. Both still lovely 🙂
  • Computer science degree from the University of Stuttgart
  • Software development specialist for FESTO, a company specialised in industrial automation
  • Used to be a decent billiard player
  • Highest snooker break: 39. But for that one the stars were aligned just right or something like that
  • Used to go sailing a lot
  • Started computer programming around the age of 7 on a Sinclair ZX81
  • Followed by an extended stint with my trusty Sinclair QL (still operational!) and later PCs of all sorts
  • Wrote my QL emulator QPC at the age of 14. Still sort of support it 22 years later
  • Wrote my Epson ESC/P2 emulator QPCPrint in 2005. Still sold and supported 11 years later
  • Used to be the main developer of the operating system SMSQ/E after the lead developer quit in 2002
  • Bought a house. Infected with the home automation bug ever since (using FHEM and Homematic)
  • Iron Maiden still rocks. Terry Pratchett unfortunately not anymore. RIP