Update: An extensive review of QPC2 version 3 is available here!

Here I try to collect reviews and comments about QPC. If you think that “QL Today” is a little over-represented that’s just the case because that’s the only QL related magazine I have a complete archive of. 😉

“QPC is very well done, simple to use, and provides excellent current compatibility through the use of SMSQ/E as its operating system”
James Hunkins, QL Today Nov/Dec 1996

“I think that writing this program has to be the best thing that the author has done. He, Marcel Kilgus, has done all QL owners who have a PC, a great service and he should be rewarded greatly for his efforts.”
Norman Dunbar, QL Today Sep/Oct 1997

“A big thank you, then, to Marcel Kilgus, aka Santa Claus! If you have access to a PC, and you haven’t used QPC, try it. It works a treat. I now use it on my PC more often than I use my QL […]”
Mike Edwards, Quanta magazine February 1999

“In summary, from my first viewing of it, QPC2 is a great improvement over its predecessor and well worth investing in.”
Don Atkins, QL Today Nov/Dec 1999

“Finding QPC to be so useful, I wondered what the benefits of QPC2 would be[…]”
Roy Kempton, Quanta magazine, July 2000

“In my opinion QPC is the only true alternative to the QL[…]”
Peter Jäger, QL Today Sep/Oct 2000

“All in all, I give it 10/10 – regardless of the bugs outlined above because I know Marcel will be on the case as soon as he can to fix them.”
Norman Dunbar, QL Today Jul/Aug 2001

“Overall, QPC2 is a pretty remarkable program, which is largely responsible, together with its previous incarnation, for the continued survival of the QL into the 21st century. Consider that it was written by one person – Marcel Kilgus – and you have to admit that it’s a great achievement. Definitely a must have for QL users.”
Daniel Baum,

That’s only what I’ve found after a very quick search, but it should be enough for a first impression 🙂