QPC2 v5 FULL version

The birth of my daughter gave you QPC2 v4 for free. On her 3rd birthday I released v4.05. And now, only 4 years later, you get the brand new v5! It comes with a complete sample “hard disc” file that contains many formerly commercial applications and now even music! Read about the details here.

Please note that QPC2v5 needs at least SMSQ/E 3.37 and vice versa.

QPC2 v5.02 (x86) setup including 3.51
QPC2 v5.02 (x86) executable files only virtual hardrive image 3.51

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While QPC develops the manual often changes, too. Here you can get the latest revision as a PDF file. You need some Software like the Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view it.

QPC2 v5 manual

Martin Head kindly provided 2 more manuals, first a complete reference manual for all SBasic commands included in QPC2 and second a “concepts” manual with much more in-depth information on how different things in SMSQ/E work.

QPC Keywords revision 1.01 (477kb)
QPC Concepts revision 1.02 (410kb)

3rd party tools for QPC

In this section I’d like to provide access to tools specifically designed or adapted for the use with QPC. If you like the tools please give some feedback to the authors, they deserve it. If you have written a tool and would like to see it here, just contact me.

QL sampled sound system, by Simon N. Goodwin. Device driver that can be used to access the sound capabilities of QPC and other SSSS/QLSSS capable systems.

qlsss 2e

qwirc, the “QL Winchester Information and R*ename console” by Per Witte is a neat little program that helps you changing the WIN association and the partition names. Furthermore you can get information like size, free space, write protect status, file count, directory count and even the space wasted by the file system, all neatly presented with a graphical user interface (see screenshot). Now in high colour!

qwirc v0.66

Miscellaneous files

MPS is a very simple ASCII to Postscript converter written by Richard Urena. To promote Postscript in the QL world I compiled it for use with SMSQ. Here you can get the original source (if I recall correctly I didn’t need to modify anything) along with the SMSQ binary. It can be directly used as a QD print filter for example.


And as I know that many of the QL tinkerers are much more into SBasic than into C I did a port of the original C source to SBasic for playing around with it. It lacks the command line interface of the original MPS but apart from that the converter code is complete. Improvements and additions welcome.


Obsolete stuff

QPC1 FULL version. Just for the case that you really need a DOS version. NO WARRANTY OR SUPPORT!

QPC1 v1.52 FULL version

Config Level 1 configuration utility 1.05. Can be used to configure SMSQ/E versions prior to 2.98 (already included in QPC1).


VESA information tool. Can tell you everything about your VESA graphics BIOS.