Eprommer II

The Eprommer II hardware was designed by Jochen Hassler. It could program all common EPROMs up to 64KB and, using adapter PCBs, also the GAL16V8 and GAL20V8 chips.

“Black is beautiful” edition of the Eprommer II card

Like the Herbert card I converted and updated the old Eagle CAD files to the latest KiCAD version. This was further complicated by the fact that I had many different schematics and board revisions to chose from that all disagreed at some point. In the end I had to ask Jochen for help in deciding what the final revision is supposed to be. I hope he chose right 😉 Other changes:

  • Even though the Eagle import works pretty well, I usually have to clean up the result a lot to meet my standards
  • I updated the schematic, adding some comments to make things easier to understand
  • As the boards were all hand-built many things in the CAD data were wrong, like drill diameters. I also updated some footprints to be more compatible with current parts
  • I fixed the board dimensions and location of the expansion bus connector. The old card was only used in connection with the MOS card and thus never had to fit into the QL
  • I fixed the silkscreen as that was never used when etching PCBs manually
  • I’ve ordered and built the board once, then fixed any remaining issues that I noticed
eprommer2_pcb_v1.1.zipKiCAD schematics, layout and gerber files
eprommer2_rom_v1.05.zipEprommer II ROMs
GAL16V8 files
GALA GAL assembler executables
eprommer2_src_v1.05.zipROM and GALA source code
eprommer2_ger.pdfOriginal manual (German)
boole.zipUtility to reverse engineer GAL equations

I release the design under the Creative Commons License BY-NC-SA . This means you can use the files non-commercially and built upon them when proper attribution is given. As usual, if you find the files useful please consider donating and mention the card, I will share anything I get with Jochen, who designed both the hardware and the, quite beautiful, software.

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