QD was and is one of the best text editors available for the QL. In fact when I do work on QL software I almost exclusively use it, often more than 10 windows at the same time. According to the copyright it was first released in 1988, so basically on its 30th birthday, I can now provide this nice piece of software for free thanks to permission of its author Jochen Merz.

I improved the compatibility to the QL 4-colour mode a little bit (by allowing the mode 4 editor colours to be configured separately) and allowed myself to call this version “QD 2018”. Enjoy!

QD2018_b07.zip (version B.07)
QBASIC.zip (QLiberator interface for QD)

; B.07  Fixed crash when QD window was configured too big to fit on screen (MK)
; B.06  Fixed print menu when "use driver" is configured (MK)
; B.05	Implemented per-extension editor-usage (configurable) (MK)
;	Fixed BASIC usage for DEFine FuNction (MK)
;	Fixed colours in replacement confirmation dialog (MK)
;	Fixed DO on resize to keep the x window size (MK)
;	Bottom right corner stays where it is on normal resize (MK)
;	Allow CTRL+Z (mark current line) in read-only mode (MK)
; B.04	Further fix to B.03 (MK)
; B.03	Fixed LRESPR (thing) mode on QemuLator (MK)
; B.02	Separate editor colours for QL mode in configuration (MK)
; B.01	Problems with char-select solved.
; B.00	High colour version.
;	\Q parameter: CTRL x (Quit) is working in addition to ESC.
;	Real-time usage highlight implemented for all variations.
;	"Update usage" removed from menu and from CTRL F10.
;	CTRL F10 is now goto marker/marker menu.
;	DO on resize goes to maximum height, not full-screen.
;	\# parameter introduced: palette number 0 to 3 are valid.
;	"Insert scrap" in context menu.