Version history


  • Just a note that QPCPrint is still being sold and actively supported. It’s just that it does its job so well even after all these years there was no need for a new version yet

2009-01-22 Version 1.03

  • Speeded up startup time when input data comes from STDIN (“-” parameter)
  • New “ESC *” density option 7 (144x72dpi, from 9-pin version of command)
  • Added PC852 codepage
  • Better support for mixed graphics and text printing (although illegal according to ESC/P2 specification)
  • Fixed bug in HMI calculation
  • Improved preview quality

2007-06-08 Version 1.02

  • Ignores 16th bit in commands that have a 15bit integer parameter
  • Added ISO Latin 15 codepage (8859-15)
  • Legacy graphics modes now advance virtual printing head correctly
  • Right margin obeyed on line wrap
  • Fixed rare data corruption with certain “ESC (” graphics data
  • Handle CAN ASCII character, ignore BEL
  • Ignores empty data files instead of popping up an error message
  • Improved preview window position when the Windows-Taskbar is located on the left or top of screen

2005-11-11 Version 1.01

  • Improved calculation of page size
  • Paper size setting of printer now gets obeyed
  • Added support for landscape mode (“ESC EM L”/”ESC EM P”)
  • Changed all character set defaults to “PC850”
  • Support for legacy “A<BS>° -> Å” style combining trick

2005-04-29 Version 1.00

  • Initial release