QPCPrint demo

Try before you buy. The demo version is restricted in the number of pages it can print and also adorns each page with some decoration. The manual is included in the ZIP file, for viewing you need a PDF viewer like the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please read the “fonts” chapter in order to get optimal results! (version 1.03, build 20)

Update for registered users

This is the update for registered users that got v1.02 or below on their CD. See what has changed here.

The download is password protected. The username is the name you have registered QPCPrint with, the password is the serial number. Enter both as you see them in the QPCPrint “About” dialog (e.g. user “Marcel Kilgus” and password “000001”, “special” characters have to be replaced however, i.e. “ä” -> “ae”, “é” -> “e” as the handling of these is unfortunately browser dependent). You don’t need to uninstall the old version, you can just install the update over your old files. If you want to do a clean installation using these files, unpack them first and copy your qpcprint.key file from the original CD into the directory. (version 1.06, 2.7MB, latest release from 2021)
(version 1.03, 1.9MB, digitally signed version of the previous release from 2009)

Text87 ESC/P2 driver patch

The optionally available ESC/P2 printer driver for the Text87 word processor has problems aligning text because it places texts with a resolution of only 180dpi, character spacings however are 360dpi. This patch can update the driver to use 360dpi all the way. You need the original driver for this to work (file size 44512).