Originally I only wanted to make my personal QL-SD work with my GoldCard. In the end that was quite a lot of work and as there are no new QL-SDs produced I created my own version of it. Then I put a lot more work into the software, too (based on Wolfgang Lenerz excellent work). Here are the supporting files and documentation.

For more information about the history check my blog.

Supporting files

Filename Purpose
QL-SDv2_User_Manual.pdf The latest manual (based on the version by tofro, thanks!)
qlsd110_bin.zip The latest QL-SD driver v1.10 (by Wolfgang Lenerz and me), including ready-to-burn Minerva (v1.98a1) images. MiST users must use the special “_MiST” versions of the ROM
qlsd_utils101.zip Port of the Q68 CARD_ commands for QL-SD. As there is not enough room in the ROM this is an external extension.
Version 1.01 fixes a crash in CARD_DIR$ (thanks to Urs König).
tk234_qlsd.zip QL-SD v1.09+ ROMs contains the timing critical QLNET hardware access routines extracted out of TK2. This binary is the rest of TK2 that can make use of these low level routines in the ROM for full QL network compatibility.
dev205.zip Latest QDOS compatible version of the DEV device. The version built into the (S)GC ROM and older stand-alone versions are not compatible with the new QL-SD driver
qxl_empty.zip Empty ready-to-use QXL.WIN files in several sizes

An example (minimal) QXL.WIN file with utilities and a boot file, based on my personal machine

Updated 2018-12-16, now including many read-to-run QL games, some for free for the first time

For further distributions check out:

qlsd_api_demo.zip Demonstration source code for the new QL-SD 3rd party API
Verilog source code for the QL-SD v2 versions
Compiled JEDEC files for QL-SD v2 versions

The hardware

These are the boards I created.

QL-SD v2 ROM socket adapter board

QL-SD single slot

QL-SD single slot internal viewQL-SD single slot external view

QL-SD double slot

Features jumpers so the user can select which slot is WIN1 and which is WIN2.

QL-SD double slot internal viewQL-SD double slot external view


With the microSD board both MDV drives can stay in the QL. It is simply fastened using a powerstrip and there is a small activity LED that points towards the back. The slot (like the bigger boards) is push-to-eject.

QL-microSD PCBQL-SD micro mountedQL-microSD external view