SMSQ/E is the operating system that among many hardware platforms is also employed in my QPC emulator. For more details check out the What is QPC? page. The version history is provided in the QPC section, too.

The original developer, Tony Tebby, has droped out of the development and made the sources open. You can download the sources from the official SMSQ/E page of the registrar Wolfgang Lenerz.

As I had (due to QPC) the sources years before they went public and therefore also much more experience with them I somewhat slipped into the role of the main developer for SMSQ/E. Though currently (Mar 2006) I have pretty much accomplished all I wanted to do so far and further development is restrained due to time problems.

Among the things I have done are:

  • Many many bug fixes in all parts of SMSQ/E
  • Background redraw of buried windows
  • SBasic command line history
  • Faster memory allocation scheme for QPC/QXL/Qx0
  • Much improved Window Manager with many new interfaces like the system palette
  • 8 bit colour mode for SGC/Aurora and QPC
  • Much improved sprite handling, even including alpha blending support
  • New screen driver interface
  • Improved background colour handling
  • … and much more minor stuff

On this page I want to offer some documentation and small tools/applications that I created along the way.