QPC1 version history

1.52  Fixed WIN_DRIVE and WIN_DRIVE$ in combination with too long filenames.
      *** Needs at least SMSQ/E V2b93

1.51  Corrected SER/COM messages in startup screen.

1.50  Replaced copy protection with QPC II's registration mechanism.
      SER4 finally works again
      *** Needs at least SMSQ/E V2a93

1.46  Introduced new configuration block (was necessary because of QPC2):
        - It has been split into three separate modules: General-, QPC1- and
          QPC2 options.
        - Removed EGA/VGA/VESA option. Now you've to enter the resolution you
          want into the "X resolution" and "Y resolution" items.
          The "-V:x" command line option has been removed accordingly. Use the
          "-VR:AxB" option instead (eg -VR:512x256).
        - Serial port configuration is now separated into two parts: the
          SER to COM translation and the COM-IRQ mapping.
          The "-Cx:x" option is not available anymore. Use the "-Sx:x"
          (SER to COM) and the "-CIx:x" (COM IRQ) options instead.
        - You can't use the old QCONFIG utility with this and later SMSQ/E
          versions anymore. Fortunately I had been wise enough to implement at
          least rudimentary validity checking so it will refuse to work
          instead of killing the file.
      Implemented QPC_HOSTOS command to distinguish between QPC1 and 2.
        0 = DOS, 1 = Win9x, 2 = WinNT
      *** Needs at least SMSQ/E V2a91

1.45  Interpretation of AltGr is now configurable
      DTR is now only enabled if the ser port is open
      *** Needs at least SMSQ/E V2.91

1.44  Fixed bugs in ADDX and SUBX commands.
      Now also supports direct FLP to screen copies.
      Bug in "/F:x" command line option fixed
      Improvement in VESA mode analyzing routine
      AltGr is now interpreted as CTRL, not as ALT

1.43  Support for direct WIN to screen copies like LBYTES win1_x,SCR_BASE
      Support for removable drives. If auto-detection fails there's the
      WIN_REMV command.
      WIN_DRIVE and WIN_DRIVE$ commands to switch to other QXL.WIN files
      *** Needs at least SMSQ/E V2.89

1.42  Completely new command line interpreter.
      "/OS:file" option added. Used to tell QPC the name of the SMSQ-file.
      Default is of course still "SMSQE.BIN"
      About 2% speed improvement on Pentium processors.
      Minor changes in the initialization of serial ports.
      Improved parallel port speed.
      *** Needs at least SMSQ/E V2.87

1.41  Fixed problem with some graphic cards (some manufacturers obviously
      haven't read the VESA specifications carefully enough...).

1.40  Completely rewritten screen driver. Now there's a general interface with
      several "plug-ins" (just internal ones). Currently there are 3 plug-ins
        - EGAVGA:  All normal EGA and VGA resolutions (from 512x256 to 800x600)
        - VESA16:  All 16-colours vesa modes (used to emulate 4/8 colours)
        - VESA256: All 256-colours vesa modes (used to emulate 4/8 colours)
      VESA256 is the preferred driver because it's up to *twice* as fast as
      the other ones! With this driver higher resolutions are also supported on
      graphic cards that don't provide the old 16 colours modes any more.
      Exiting a DOS-Shell is now very reliable as the video mode's completely
      initialized again.
      Handling of serial interrupts > 7 fixed.
      Now very fast WIN-format routine.
      *** Needs at least SMSQ/E V2a84

1.30  On ordinary pentiums up to 15% faster

1.21  Corrected bug in QPC_PEEK[B,W] and QPC_IN[B,W] commands
      (nobody complained, so does anybody use them???)

1.20  Totally rewrote the communication (was similar to the QXL, now it's
      completely different):
      - general speed is increased by at least 1% (Wow... ;-) )
      - up to *FOUR* faster and more reliable serial ports
      - more reliable keyboard
      - improved mouse movements (at least I've that feeling)
      - the par device can be connected to either LPT1, LPT2 or LPT3
      Floppy discs can be formatted with less than 80 tracks
      Bug in CMPM command fixed
      *** Needs at least SMSQ/E V2.83

1.16  Changed hard disc handler to improve compatibility with PCs whose
      BIOSes don't match the specifications.

1.15  The floppy disc driver now switches back to the old one-sector mode when
      accessing a track with bad sectors on it.

1.14  Implemented internal floppy cache. Access's now VERY fast!
      *** Needs at least SMSQ/E V2.80

1.13  Added assembler functions to access PC-memory and ports
      Added new SBASIC commands: QPC_VER$, QPC_MSPEED,
      *** Needs at least SMSQ/E V2.79

1.12  Improved initialization of the serial ports
      Improved serial RTS handling
      Fixed serial problems on slower machines
      *** Needs at least SMSQ/E V2.77

1.11  Now supports even more VESA-cards

1.10  VESA support!
      IRQ 5 emulation now optional because it slows down QPC
        (especially when using QLiberator programs)
      *** Needs at least SMSQ/E V2d76

1.04  Bug in flag handling of some 68000 commands fixed - SQRT(100) is now 10

1.03  Problems and bug (introduced in 1.02) in copy protection fixed
      Can now really be installed on ZIP-drives
      Emulates IRQ 5 (was overwritten by the segment-overflow-exception which
        uses the same interrupt vector. Oh god, it's a PC!)
      *** Needs at least installation program V1.01

1.02  Bug in overflow-flag handling of some 68000 commands corrected
      Initializes the mouse again after exiting a DOS-shell
      Can be installed on ZIP-drives as the drive letter's not checked

1.01  SER1 corrected
      COM3/COM4 support implemented
      VGA-palette control implemented
      *** Needs at least SMSQ/E V2c76

1.00  First released version