Pointer Environment

The pointer environment is already integrated into SMSQ/E, but I also maintain the older stand-alone versions for QDOS. The idea is that they are as compatible to the ones built into SMSQ/E as possible. In fact since version 2.0 they are mostly based on the same source code.

Please not that from V2.03 the files are only compatible with QDOS version JS or later (e.g. MG, Minerva, etc.). This has technical reasons and cannot be helped easily, but then why is anybody still using AH, JM or whatever?

Latest versions

ptr_gen v2.06
wman v2.08
hot_rext v2.31

Last QJump (pre SMSQ/E-based) versions

ptr_gen v1.72
wman v1.53
hot_rext v2.29

PTR_GEN version history

  • V2.06
    Fixed mode changing/crashes on QDOS (MK)
    Added native QemuLator support (MK)
  • V2.05
    A few fixes for QDOS (MK)
  • V2.03
    New con vector pv_bgctl – currently non functional in PTR_GEN (MK)
    New SBASIC commands PE_BGOFF, PE_BGON – currently non functional in PTR_GEN (MK)
    Screen is restored when an unbehaved window is changed/closed (MK)
  • V2.02
    Support for sprites with no (=solid mask) (MK)
  • V2.01
    More con vectors (WL)
    More system sprites (MK)
  • V2.00
    Bugfixes for some EE traps, keep A1 as per documentation (WL)
    New con/ptr vectors concept introduced (MK)
    Better handling of system sprites, many more system sprites introduced (MK)
  • V1.72
    accumulated set up updates including on edge of window events, job events, wake speed = 0.
  • V1.71
    ….. but sub-window number etc are cleared by RPTR on out of window
  • V1.70
    pt..move not cleared by RPTR on out of window
  • V1.69
    A certain amount of tidying up which should not make a difference

WMAN version history

  • V2.08
    QDOS version optimized for space (MK)
  • V2.07
    menu appsub wdw may have csizes for text objects (wl)
  • V2.06
    New window move with transparency (wl)
  • V2.05
    New vector wm_cpspr to copy a sprite definition (MK)
    Fixed error return of wm.jbpal (MK)
    Double 3d border type fixed (MK)
  • V2.04
    Fixed spurious outline when using outline move, on mouse button release
  • V2.03
    Fixed pointer save on new move operation (wl)
  • V2.02
    Fixed WM_BLOCK (GG + MK)
  • V2.01
    New window move routines & Config Block (WL + MK)
    Bugfix for object drawing & wman rptr routines (WL & MK)
    Fixed bug for stippled borders in WMAN (WL)
  • V2.00
    wm.opw, wm.ssclr, wm.jbpal added (MK)
    Sprites may be drawn differently depending on the item status (WL + MK)
  • V1.55
    high colour changes finished (MK)
    introduced system palette (MK)
    wm.setsp, wm.getsp, wm.trap3 added (MK)
    rewrote most of the scroll/pan bar draw routines (MK)
  • V1.54
    high colour definition introduced (early test version)
  • V1.53
    underscore checks improved

Hotkey extension version history

  • 2.31
    New keyword HOT_GETSTUFF$ (MK)
  • 2.30
    New keywords Fex etc… (PW & MK)
    SMSQ/E version now configurable again (MK)
  • 2.29
    More generous allowances for string parameters
  • 2.28
    HOT_KEY, HOT_CMD etc. use name of item if pointer is not set.
  • 2.27
    Guardian code modified to reduce stack usage on job startup.
  • 2.26
    HOT_REMV an upper case letter does not remove lower case.
  • 2.25
    Wake works even if there are no suitable windows.
  • 2.24
    Impure Option restored (missing in 2.21-2.23)
    Job names allowed on HOT_WAKE and HOT_THING.
  • 2.23
    EXEP corrected for fault in V2.21/2.22
  • 2.22
    © in parameter stuffs current buffer
  • 2.21
    Parameter passing to programs implemented.
    Wake name allowed to be different from Thing / File name