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QMovie v2.00

In my last post I lied that regarding the QMovie player “I’m done here”. OK, to my defense, even I didn’t know that I’m not done yet. So today I present to you QMovie v2.0:

The details and downloads are on a dedicated QMovie page.

QMovie SMSQ/E movie player

This has been superseded by QMovie v2

QMovie is a quick&dirty full colour movie player including sound for QPC. I really didn’t have the time to write this, but sometimes an idea latches itself into my head and I can’t let go until I have done something about it. So the target for this was “be done quickly” and not “be done perfectly”.

You can download it here (135MB). Just start the QPC2.exe and it should run. The movie frames are time synchronised to the audio. No double buffering (neither for the screen nor for the play buffer) nor any other fancy stuff is performed as the performance was already good enough.

Clip: The Iron Maidens recorded at the LKA Stuttgart by me. 10 fps, 20kHz mono

Creation of this video:

ffmpeg -i “IMG_7696.MOV” -r 10 -s 480×270 Frame_%04d.png
ffmpeg -i “IMG_7696.MOV” -f u8 -ar 20k -ac 1 sound.raw

Convert all Frame_%04d.png into _spr files using PNGConv. Settings: “binary”, “.” separator, “solid mask”, “no compression”.

The resulting Frame_xxx.spr and sound.raw files are combined using a quick Perl script called

The QMV Format is an interleaved data format with one second of audio, followed by one second (10 frames) of video in Sprite format (fixed size, must not be RLE compressed). No meta data is saved (remember, “quick” was the motto here), all things like resolution and frame rate are hard coded into the qmovie_exe file.

Feel free to improve it, I’m done here 😉