Sometimes people have asked me how they can show their appreciation for the things I’ve done for the QL scene (no, really!). As most of those people have already bought most or even all of my products, here are some other ways:

Best way: write applications for the SMSQ/E platform and send me a copy!

Second best way: send me a donation. Any amount is cool. This can for example be done through my German bank account (information available on request) or by a PayPal payment (to or simply use the button below). Also, old-school letters (address) seem to work, too, at least the ones I know of did arrive 😉

Third best way: send me hardware! Maybe check with me beforehand if I really want it, but I’m looking for a UK QL for example. Trading against my hardware is possible, too.

Fourth best way: simply tell me how much you like it 🙂