Happy 18th birthday…

By | 2016-04-17

… to this very website. According to a copy I obtained from Archive.org my website had its 18th birthday yesterday (back then it was under a different URL which I won’t disclose here because of embarrassment and stuff). I wanted to celebrate this by releasing a new version of QPC, but unfortunately one last minute SMSQ/E feature wasn’t finished in time.

Still, 18 years is a frighteningly long time and reaches back into some pretty early stages of the web. It was quite common to have a “visitor counter” and I actually had one until the last redesign. The last value it displayed was 153200, but I’m not even sure it worked properly the last few years. In the heyday of QPC there was quite a lot of traffic because of it. Later most people found the site because they were searching for some Wifi hardware that I analyzed in the “hacking” section I used to have. Nowadays it’s mostly QPCPrint that is still interesting. And occasionally people apparently search for my name, for whatever reason. My name used to be globally unique for a long time but thanks to Facebook I’m now aware of at least one more person sharing it, so perhaps they want to find him instead 😉

Anyway, that’s it for now. Next time, new QPC. Probably.

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