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By | 2018-08-09

The QL-SD driver seems to be finished (note that it currently doesn’t work with the MiST FPGA board, but there are no more known problems with either the original QL hardware or the MiSTer FPGA machine).

Now the boring part has begun, which means hours of reading tax related stuff (selling stuff internationally is hard!), writing/updating the manual, preparing an order page, preparing shipping labels, etc. I really don’t enjoy this part of the process.

Anyway, as a short teaser, the hardware does exist now in some quantities:

I will probably open the order page publicly starting September, after my holiday.

5 thoughts on “QL-SD teaser

  1. Ralf

    Great, probably I’ll be the first for my QL. Thanks in advance.

  2. Michal Polak

    Is working with Miracle Gold card clone?

  3. Martyn Hill

    Hi Marcel!

    Would you be willing to share the source-code for the QL-SD driver which you have brilliantly updated? I ask because I want to run the QL-SD from a different HW address (transparently to the QL-SD HW itself.)

    I *think* I simply need to recompile the driver but with the HW port addresses switched – presumably just those 3x EQUs in qlsd_keys – from their defaults, to:

    if_base equ $1fee0
    spi_xfer equ $1ff00
    spi_bg_read equ $1ffff

    I’ve recently adapted one of my homebrew QL expansion cards to more fully decode the QL I/O area, making available the lower 32K and upper 16K slots in the 0x10000 to 0x1FFFF range – much like TrumpCard et-al do to squeeze-in their additional ROMs.

    I intend to place the QL-SD in the upper 16K area as all the other memory areas in this customised expansion are occupied. I have generated the necessary replacement for the ROMOE (H) signal in the same pin-placement on the second ROM socket (suitably decoupled/cut from the equivalent pin on the other ROM socket.)

    I’m hoping that the QL-SD HW will happily live in the new slot, thinking its actually in the original 16K ROM slot, but of course the driver needs to address it at its new home.

    Is that alright?

  4. Martyn Hill

    …and I’ve found the source code that you provided to Wolfgang under the dv3 sub-directory!

    Feel free to ignore my earlier post!


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