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By | 2017-11-26

Thanks to Jochen Merz I can now release a very new version of QMenu (menu_rext), along with the original manual: QMenu download page

Earlier releases done by me had a few annoying bugs which I was now able to track down. The problems actually were not located in the QMenu source code itself, but Jochen had to slightly adapt his copy of the Tony Tebby libraries, changes which were sadly missing in my copy of those libraries… a pointer was not saved and thus all sort of havoc ensued. This was for example why the “file extension filter” in the file select box wasn’t working in any binary assembled by me.

Furthermore I tried to address the incompatibilities with QDT. It took me quite a long time to realize that the problem is actually pretty simple: QMenu v7.68 added a “move” button to the LIST dialog and of course this increased the size of the dialog somewhat. No big deal, right?

Well, QDT, not having any main window, employs a special EXE to invoke QMenu and the window outline this EXE provides only has enough space for the smaller pre-v7.68 menu… in v8.03 I have now included the old menu as a fallback option for this special case when the newer menu doesn’t fit. This way QMenu seems to be compatible to QDT again, but if you know of any more problems please contact me or write on the ql-users list.

3 thoughts on “QMenu v8.03

  1. Markus Dettwiler

    Vielen Dank dass Du die wichtigen Sachen weiter pflegst

    ich habe noch eine Frage zu list_select
    gibt es eine Möglichkeit den Cursor hinter dem zu editierenden String zu stellen ?

    wenn name$ zu klein dimensioniert wird zB. name$(nr ,5)
    will man nun den string editieren -> Absturz des Systems

    100 CLEAR
    110 nr = 10 : DIM name$(nr,50),name%(nr)
    120 :
    130 name%(3) = 128 :name%(5) = 16 :name%(6) = 16384:
    140 :
    150 RESTORE
    160 FOR x = 0 TO nr : READ name$(x)
    170 :
    180 REPeat loop
    190 r = LIST_SELECT (“Test”,name$,name%,4,,,,)
    200 SELect ON r
    205 :
    210 = -2
    220 FOR a = 1 TO nr
    230 s = name%(a)&&(BIN$ (16,16))
    240 IF s = 256
    250 PRINT #1, name$(a)
    260 END IF
    288 NEXT a
    289 :
    290 = -1 :EXIT loop
    295 :
    300 = REMAINDER
    310 END SELect
    330 END REPeat loop
    340 :
    350 :
    360 :
    370 DATA “Paul”,”Fred”,”christopher”,”Ann”
    380 DATA “Mary”,”Michael”,”try editing this string”
    390 DATA “without flags = 4″,”Christine”,”Stephanie”,”Nicholas”

    Grüsse aus der Schweiz

    1. Marcel Post author

      Hallo Markus, danke für das Feedback, ich schau mir das in Ruhe mal an!

      Gruß Marcel


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