Here I try to provide different API descriptions used to program SMSQ/E. By the way, all PDFs on this page, except EasyPtr4, were written in Text87 and PDFed using QPCPrint!

QDOS/SMS Reference Manual

This is the latest release of the official SMSQ/E reference manual as it was sold by Jochen Merz Software and the most comprehensive manual for the SMSQ/E API in existence: QDOS SMS Reference Manual.pdf


This is the bible for the SMSQ/E windowing system: QPTR.pdf

QPTR update document for SMSQ/E

And finally there is another separate document that describes the new features introduced in the latest SMSQ/E: display.txt

Ideally the 3 documents should be combined, but… any volunteers?


The EasyPtr development package has been release for free, get the files here.

Socket API

This is a verbatim mirror of the uQLx/QPC TCP/IP socket API documentation by Richard Zidlicky, as the original seems to have vanished from the web: Socket API