QL hardware ordering page

QL-SD product selection guide

  1. You need a QL with a free ROM port. Some expansion boards like the new Tetroid Memory+QUBIDE combined card are not compatible or must have parts disabled in order for QL-SD to work. I generally recommend a GoldCard or even SuperGoldCard. TrumpCards with only a floppy interface or QLs with internal memory upgrades should be ok, too
  2. You need to decide which slot-variant of  QL-SD you want. There are three:
    • Single slot (in place of a Microdrive)
    • Double slot (in place of a Microdrive)
    • MicroSD (in ventilation slot)

    For details on these please see below.

  3. Do you want your QL-SD to have a port for potential future hardware (“SPI version”) or would you rather be able to disable the QL-SD or the onboard OS ROM with a switch (“Switch version”)? I now provide the SPI version by default, if you want the “Switch” version please note this in your order
  4. Optionally add a SDHC card to your order if you don’t already have one. Any SD card with at least 4GB of memory is compatible
  5. That’s it


QL-SD v2 ROM socket adapter board

This needs one of the companion boards (single, dual, micro) to work. QL-SD comes with the latest Minerva v1.98 (plus I/O fix), optionally I can also supply the German version (write in the order comment if you want the German version).

An SD card is not included by default, you must supply your own SDHC card or add one to your order! All cards starting from 4GB are SDHC, smaller cards will most likely not work.

There are actually two versions you can select from:

  1. The upper pins form another SPI port that can be used to attach more hardware. I might provide a mouse interface this way in the future, but no promises! This is the default
  2. Alternatively the upper port can features 4 inputs: one disables the lower 48KB of the ROM, one disables QL-SD altogether and two are general purpose and can be used by any software. Switches are not provided, you need to solder this yourself. If you want this feature please note this on your order

QL-SD single slot

QL-SD single slot internal viewQL-SD single slot external view

QL-SD double slot

Features jumpers so the user can select which slot is WIN1 and which is WIN2.

QL-SD double slot internal viewQL-SD double slot external view


With the microSD board both MDV drives can stay in the QL. It is simply fastened using a powerstrip and there is a small activity LED that points towards the back. The slot (like the bigger boards) is push-to-eject.

QL-microSD PCBQL-SD micro mountedQL-microSD external view

QL-SD upgrades

Older QL-SD hardware can be upgraded with the new firmware. In some cases this is painless, in some cases the hardware might need fixing (replacement of the CPLD+ROM chips), the price reflects this.

(Super-)GoldCard battery adapter

The PCBs are slightly bigger than the original battery but fit perfectly on GC/SGC. For other applications the edges could be trimmed if needed. CR2032 battery not included.

MDV replacement felt (sold out)

I have imported a bunch of high quality 8-track cassette felt strips and as the shipping was the expensive part I got a few more so people can just add them to their order. One strip is good for a lot of MDVs.

MDV replacement felt


The prices might seem somewhat high for these small boards, but being based in Germany means that out of 80€ about 40€ are taxes (15€ VAT+25€ income tax). So even discarding the whole time spent on PCB/CPLD and driver development I’m basically operating at a loss as all these boards were hand-made by me, which can be quite time consuming. I had some fun doing it but all in all I’m not sure I’d do another production run quite frankly, so enjoy while it lasts.


    Internal QLSD v2 + single slot MDV adapter 75€
    Internal QLSD v2 + dual slot MDV adapter 80€
    Internal QLSD v2 + microSD adapter 80€
    Internal QLSD v2 board only 70€
    Dual slot MDV adapter only (for use with existing QLSD) 15€
    MicroSD slot adapter only (for use with existing QLSD) 15€
    Upgrade of existing QLSD board to v2 15€
    MicroSDHC card 16GB + SD adapter 10€
    (Super)GoldCard battery adapter (w/o battery) 6€
    MDV replacement felt strip 2€
    • Postage (registered letter): Within Germany 5€, rest of the world 7€
    • All prices include 19% VAT if applicable
    • Outside of the EU additional charges like taxes or tariffs may apply and must be paid by the receiver. Please check the laws of your country
    • Payment within the EU is preferably done through IBAN bank transfer as that is cost-neutral. If this is too inconvenient I also accept PayPal.
    • This order form just generates a standardized eMail to me, it is non-binding until I accept it in a further mail to you. The contents is only used to fulfill your order.
    • Offer subject to availability, orders are processed sequentially. When I run out products I will put your order into a waiting queue and contact you again when I can fulfill it. Then you have the choice to either cancel or pay your order
    • Some things like the adapter boards are mostly created on-demand, so please allow a few days for delivery
    • Every QL-SD is tested before shipping
    • Every QL-SD order comes with a free plastic chip prying tool