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Welcome to the QPC support pages. QPC originated as an emulator for the Sinclair QL home computer, but is now the leading platform to run SMSQ/E, the successor of the Sinclair QDOS operating system. For more information have a look at the What is QPC? page.

Current version numbers

QPC2 Executable 4.02
SMSQ/E 3.19
QPC1 Executable 1.52
SMSQ/E 2b93

More details can be found in the different version histories.



  • Updated qpcdemo.win. Now includes zip/unzip plus acp (Archivers Control Panel)


  • Added QPC1 full version. NO WARRANTY OR SUPPORT!


  • Updated QPC2 to 4.02 and SMSQ/E to 3.19
  • Updated qpcdemo.win. It now also includes QPAC2


  • Updated QPC2 installer to fix some permission issues


  • To celebrate the birth of my lovely daughter, QPC2 is now finally a free-for-all download. Get v4.01 in the downloads section!


  • I can't believe it's been 6 years since the last beta. It never made it to release, but it evolved into 3.40 beta 2 ;-) This includes the latest SMSQ/E v3.16.


  • It's been a long time since the last release, mostly due to time constraints. But a few fixes and tweaks have been done in the meantime and we decided to publish them as a public beta next to the very stable 3.33 release for now. This beta is also needed to run QPC2 under Windows Vista. So check out the v3.34 beta 3 release in the downloads section!


  • New QPC2 v3.33 along with SMSQ/E v3.13. QPC2 now features a 68020 compatible emulation core. Also many improvements in SMSQ/E (bootup-time, new CTRL+C behaviour).
  • Uploaded Spanish keyboard layout courtesy of Graham Wall.


  • Finally some rather huge update. New QPC2 v3.32 along with SMSQ/E v3.12. Biggest change: real background updates for buried windows! Use PE_BGON command to enable. Also convenient command line history in SBasic (simply use UP/DOWN arrows) added and Home thing integrated. Check out the QPC2 and SMSQ/E version histories for more details.


  • New prices! To celebrate the QL's 21st birthday, we have reduced the price for QPC by 40%! Get it while it's hot! :-)
    Upgrade prices have been reduced accordingly.


  • Updated QPC2 to version 3.31


  • Updated SMSQ/E to version 3.10
  • Brand new demo "hard disc" file, ready to run! It demonstrates the new colour capabilities and I suggest to check it out, no matter whether you have used QPC2 before or not. It's included with the QPC2 demo
  • New reference manuals! 200 pages of information!
  • Updated downloads page with some new files
  • Check out the new QPCPrint section if you have trouble getting your hands on QL compatible printers. Any Windows printer will work with it!


  • After months of work and beta testing I'm proud to release QPC2 version 3.30. Much more speed and full TCP/IP support!
  • New manual revisions in both English and German.


  • New QPC2 version 3.23


  • New QPC2 version 3.22 plus SMSQ/E v3.08
  • New manual revisions in both English and German.


  • New QPC2 version 3.20 finally ready for download.

Older news can be found in the News archive

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